Wood Veneer: Stability, Availability, Practicality and Creativity

June 10, 2015   |   Behind the Woodwork, News

In the past the term veneer had a reputation for inferior quality due to historical wood shortages during WWII and the bad reputation it gained in the 70s for cheap quality. Today, the quality of veneers has improved immensely thanks to advanced technology.

Wood veneers are thin slices of wood cut from a log. They are commonly used on plywood, fine furniture and other materials for decorative architectural pieces. Veneers open a whole new world of woodworking and design for creative thinkers. With exotic veneers, typical projects are transformed into works of art. The end result is luxurious.

Advantages for using wood veneer over solid lumber include stability, availability, practicality and creativity.


Many species of wood are prone to warping and splitting… not the ideal material for building custom cabinetry and furniture. By slicing wood into veneer, wood’s movement is more controlled creating a beautiful, stable panels.


There are a many pricey wood species. Getting them in lumber form is very costly because many have limited availability. Opting for wood that has been sliced into veneer is more effective than solid lumber planks.



For unique wood working that includes curves and other details veneer is ideal. Making wood bend isn’t always easy.


Veneers allow designers and woodcrafters to create statement pieces out of doors, walls, table tops, etc… Anything from patterns to kaleidoscope designs are possible with veneers.

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