Unexpected Storage Solutions

May 5, 2015   |   News, Showroom Scoop

Whether your home is large or small finding a place to keep all your stuff secure and tidy can be a struggle. At Woodways we specialize in smart storage solutions. Our inspiration comes from innovative European designs. No matter the size of your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, whatever room, we can help you minimize the clutter with impeccable style! Click through the photos below to check out ideas we think are cool. Our online galleries host a few examples of places to hide your blow dryer, toaster and tv as well.

1. Sneaky Stair Storage

Stairs can be the perfect spot for hiding your goods and add a decorative element to a space that is often left bare.

2. Bicycle Storage


We really like booth of these unique bike storage ideas. The mini bike garage is great for people without garage space and who want to keep they bikes safe/dry. The living roof isn’t a bad touch either! The bike bookshelf is perfect for apartment dwellers.

3. Bedroom Hideaways 

Bedroom storage can be hard to come by if it doesn’t include an awesome walk in closet. A great idea for keeping clutter clear when you are trying to relax is to build in drawers and cubbies under beds or window benches. The breakfast tray pullout is perfect for Sunday morning breakfast in Bed! While the architectural wall storage is sleek and sophisticated. We recommend magnetic latch hardware to keep cabinetry doors shut for a minimalistic look. The zoom-bed… one of our FAVORITES is the ultimate smart storage solution for anyone in need of an extra bed but doesn’t have a designated room for it.