Technical Tidbit: Save My Fridge Storage

January 22, 2013   |   Design Dilemmas, News, Newsletter Features

Many of our clients come to us with issues regarding space and size when building a new house or remodeling. One common comment we hear is when a client owns a refrigerator that is deeper than the standard cabinet depth of 24 inches and they do not want it to massively protrude out from their kitchen cabinetry. While some people are fine with this look or even prefer it, for those looking for the more in-line look with their cabinetry, we have some suggestions. Here are a few ways to avoid having to give up essential food storage space while still achieving your preferred design within theĀ kitchen cabinetry.

1. If you’re in new construction or in the beginning process of building, many builders will suggest recessing the wall behind the fridge to accommodate for the depth of the appliance. This alleviates any alterations to your cabinetry, especially if you have already finalized on that portion of your project or don’t have the room to spare and makes your refrigerator in-line with the cabinets.


Recessed Wall Sketch Up

2. If you’re remodeling, are lacking time, or do not have the resources to knock out an already existing wall, we suggest altering the depth of your cabinets. As a custom cabinetry company, we can attest to the ease of altering the cabinet depth from 24″ to 28″ to get the look you want in your kitchen. This would not only give you a deeper refrigerator space, but would also add more cabinet storage and countertop surface. This depth difference could simply be applied to the wall where the refrigerator sits, and leave the 24″ depth for the remaining cabinetry in your space. This isn’t an extremely inconvenient change, nor is it costly for a fully custom cabinetry company, but it could run you a significant cost in semi-custom.


Deeper Cabinets Sketch Up Image

3. Depending on your design preference, a third solution would be to put your refrigerator next to another tall, deep cabinet (such as a pantry or a double wall oven). This will eliminate the appliance from noticeably standing out while adding valuable storage and functionality to your space.


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