The Ultimate Customization | Pick Your Tree!

June 12, 2015   |   Behind the Woodwork, Design Trend, News, Showroom Scoop

Did you know you can pick the tree your cabinets, wall panels and furniture are cut from?!



Since wood veneers are sliced from trees grown in nature, there is a lot of variation from log to log, even within the same species.

It is important to recognize that a sample you may see in a showroom or online is only a representation to give you an idea what the species looks like. The actual finished product will be similar, but will most certainly look different if from another tree. Each log is categorized with its own number. A complete log is referred to as a flitch. The thin sliced veneers are bundled together in the sequence in which they were cut from the log. Depending on the size of your project we can help you decipher which bundle will meet your needs.

As a custom company, we like to collaborate with our clients to ensure they are getting exactly what they had envisioned. With the installation of our NEW state of the art veneer technology we are able to control every step of the product building process and offer our customers the ultimate customized, hands on experience. With the help of our design experts we can guide you through veneer selections and determine the best for your project. We can assist you in the organization of veneers to ensure the flow of wood grain coordinates seamlessly from cabinet to cabinet for residential projects, or reception desk to feature wall in commercial spaces.

If you have questions and want to learn more about how we can help you design your dream space by incorporating veneers please call us or stop by our design center in Grand Rapids, MI!

Check out the images below and get inspired!