Textured Cabinetry: Bead Board, Distressing and V-Grooves

April 24, 2013   |   News, Newsletter Features

Colors aren’t the only way to add a special touch of character to your cabinetry. If you’re the type to change your designs every couple years, then colored cabinetry might be too much of a commitment for you. Instead, we suggest adding detail to neutral colored or wood grain cabinetry. This allows you to showcase your style while still maintaining the option to make design changes over time.

Bead Board & V-Grooves

Bead board and V-Grooves are vertical textures carved out of the recessed panel of cabinetry doors or accented throughout the cabinetry design [within corner spaces (featured below) or within cabinetry that has glass front doors]. To accentuate the textured design, we recommend keeping the door frame simple and adding a glaze finish. These simple additions give your space an extra touch within neutral colored and wood grain cabinetry without straying from a classic look.

Distressed Cabinetry

Distressed cabinetry gives the appearance of age or a vintage look with the added benefit of actually being new and in top shape. At Woodways, we distress our cabinetry ourselves to give it an extremely “real” look. Distressing can be done to any wood species, and any painted, glazed or stained cabinetry. You’ll typically see this design in more traditional to transitional style homes.

In connection with April’s child-themed newsletter, distressing is also a great idea to implement into your cabinetry if you have children. It helps hide blemishes and marks that could be made by children or even accidental adult wear and tear.