Stressful Mess to Calm Creativity

June 2, 2015   |   Design Dilemmas, News

Workspace / craft rooms are notorious for having piles of papers and ribbons. Contrary to what their names imply, these rooms often lack inspiration and organization. We often wonder how anyone ever gets work done in a space like that? Who would want to?

We have your answer… no one, that’s who. Anyone claiming “creative clutter” as their style hasn’t felt the invigorating feeling of calm creativity. A room with a place for everything with fun personal touches everywhere. A put together work space replaces the where-did-I-put-that-really-REALLy-important-piece-of-paper?! panic with stay-calm-carry-on-I-know-where-it-is, because it has a designated home.

Craft rooms and stylish workspaces have become a popular staple in many homes. There are more people than ever with the flexibility to work from home. And thanks to popular websites like Pinterest and Etsy, creative minds with an entrepreneur spirit don’t just want an office at home, they need one.

Here are some tips that will make  your creative station functional, sophisticated and stylish.

Cute and Contained Desk

Make sure to get a desk that meets your needs. We suggest a model with deep drawers that does everything you need without taking up a lot of floor space. Pair it with striking chairs that relates to the color scheme of the room. Extra chairs are great for impromptu client meetings and make your space look official.


Small and Large Files

Giving every paper and accessory a home keeps the focus on work. Custom built in cabinetry and drawers will do the trick. Special roll-outs for wrapping paper and large tools help conceal clutter, while traditional file drawers keep important papers from floating around.



Let There Be Light

Make sure your office has plenty of light to cut down on eye strain and headaches. Don’t cram yourself into a closet like room with now windows. Also, position your computer so there isn’t any glare from sunlight, or overhead lighting.

Make it Your Own

If you have a favorite color, flood the walls with it. Create a mood board and fill it with things that inspire you. This is your space, own it!