Spectacular Snow

December 20, 2012   |   News

According to WZZM 13, Grand Rapids has had at least 1 inch of snow on the ground at 7:00am of Christmas morning for 15 of the last 20 years. If it’s up to us, we’d like to make it 16 out of 20 this year! If you’re used to Michigan around this time of year, it doesn’t matter which holidays you and your family celebrate, because holidays are always associated with snow. Thankfully, the forecast shows snow heading our way soon, so we’ve done some winter prep-work for you, your family, or that special someone for when it finally arrives.


Photo Credit: visitfortwayne.com


Family Fun

Whether your kids are still little, or off to college, these family snow activities can be a fun way to spend time together and outdoors. With games like snow ring toss, strike out, and perfect aim, you’ll feel like your at a winter wonderland carnival!

Before you head outside, have your family see how creative they can get when making “dipping spoons.” They’ll be ready by the time you’re ready to come inside and are perfectly paired with some hot chocolate to warm your little ones up.



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What’s better than snuggling up to your other half with a blanket on a cold winter night? Accoring to MadeMan.com, there are about 8 things better than that! Whether you’re more of an indoor person or would rather hit the slopes, you’ll be sure to find at least one of the romantic winter dates that will bring you and that special someone closer together this winter.

If you’re 21 years and older, be sure to try out this adult hot chocolate recipe for when you try out the “snowed in” date!


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Winter Workouts

Who says you can’t have a flat stomach or legs of steel in the winter? You never know who will invite you to a ski trip with a hot tub, so we’ve found some that are more fun than work! You don’t have to be a hardcore runner or love the cold to stay fit with these winter workouts. So skip the gym and get outside because these are guaranteed to burn calories and work up a sweat. Feel good afterwards when you treat yourself to this low-cal version of healthy hot chocolate – so you can be sure that your hard work pays off.