Small & Mighty: Kitchens Proving Size Doesn’t Matter

November 2, 2015   |   Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

Last week we highlighted Large Kitchens, this week we are scaling things down. For some, small kitchens present a challenge. Figuring out where to store cutting boards and toasters can be difficult due to minimal counter space, and cabinets. However, we don’t let that stop us from designing the perfect kitchen for your space. When it comes to small kitchens we start the design process with the layout. The most standard small kitchen layouts are one wall kitchens, galley, U-shape, (tiny) island, L-shape and peninsula kitchens. Next, we place the appliances. Our goals is always to achieve the highest level efficiency. For cabinet construction, we recommend frameless construction because it offers the most space inside cabinets. When selecting door styles we consider your personal tastes. If you like traditional looks, try a raised panel door with or without trim detail. For a simple look that isn’t quite contemporary, a shaker style is best. And, for modern contemporary kitchens slab doors are the best choice.

Multiple glass doors keep this space feeling fresh.

The mirrored wall connected to the peninsula helps add depth to the tiny kitchen.

Peninsula shaped kitchen. Seating off the peninsula is great for entertaining and conversing with the cook!

Beautiful u-shape kitchen. The fun color palette plays up a small space.

Contemporary kitchen in a peninsula layout. The natural finish on the peninsula and wall partition blend seamlessly. If they were different finishes the room would look choppy and even smaller.

Traditional galley kitchen with marble counters give this a sophisticated edge. The light colors and tiled walls help reflect light, brightening the space.

Notice the slim cooktop featuring two burners. This opens up counter space. Optimal for a studio apartment.