Room for Improvement: Creating Our Own Outcomes in Business and Life

April 12, 2013   |   News, Showroom Scoop, Videos

By: Laura Schmidt

In the past 5 years, Woodways has grown in many ways – economically, maturely, technologically, skillfully, etc. Like any growing business, we have come a long way from the beginning and have learned to fine tune certain roles and processes. Today, we’re proud to say that our custom cabinet company is at a point where things generally run smoothly. However, this brings up an interesting concept that I think anyone can relate to in business or their personal lives – there’s always room for improvement.

Looking at success at a personal level is surprisingly similar to how businesses grow and succeed, and makes it more relatable to a larger audience. As humans, we are always striving to be better and looking for what’s to come. I relate this to the recent AT&T round table campaign, where essentially we always want more. We want to know how we can make more money, how we can be a better spouse, how we can better control our emotions, and I’m sure everyone can fill in their own personal vendetta they may struggle with or strive for.

In The 6 Keys to Being Awesome at Everything, Tony Schwartz argues the concept that certain people are born with natural talent and skills and the rest of us are always trying to keep up, suggesting that “we have remarkable capacity to influence our own outcomes.” I would have to agree with him. We have more power and control over the outcomes in our lives than we sometimes recognize. This gives us a tremendous amount of power to make ourselves into a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday. It may not happen fast, and it requires commitment, but overall I consciously aim to improve certain unattractive or hindering qualities about myself. Not the quirky traits that make me who I am, but traits that paralyze me from getting out of my own way. Similar to leading a healthy lifestyle or maintaining a happy marriage, it’s harder than it sounds and some days are better than others. Sure, there are factors that are out of our control, but what you can control is how you react to them, respond to them, and deal with them after.

Like any business, I’m constantly analyzing how I can do something better, how something I’m putting effort into can be made easier, and how I can work less while producing better results. Work smarter not harder, right? And be more daring. According to the 7 Life Changing Keys to Success, pushing our limits, challenging ourselves, and even failing is essential to success. From a different perspective, bloggers Marc and Angel express the importance of positivity and outlook in success in 30 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself. Even if you only get a chance to read the titles of the 30 ways, it’s empowering to know what kind of control you could have over your outlook, personality, and life if you make the effort. This leads me to think that it might not be far fetched to assume that improving oneself as an individual could be directly correlated to success in business.

Everyone’s goals are different, but they all focus on the same concept that improvement in certain areas will lead to achievement. The key to all of this is you have to have the want and will. Whether your room for improvement lies in business or your personal life, it’s the passion behind the drive that leads to success. And if we fall short? Just remember to aim high, that way, wherever you fall is further than where you started.