Product Trend: Back Painted Glass

May 13, 2015   |   Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

We applaud the use of simplistic, unique materials, as well as finding ways to make tired materials current again.

Glass has been used in design for thousands of years and is constantly being reused in creative ways. One glass trend that brings a modern elegance to any room is back painted glass! Back painted glass tiles have been around for a while…and although we are still huge fans, large sheets of the material are the latest and greatest.

Back painted glass is most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms as backsplashes but can be used on a number of surfaces like countertops, cabinet door fronts and table tops. Woodways recently completed a kitchen remodel emphasizing the trend. This client in particular was interested in using a variety of modern materials to achieve a “New Classic” look. White back painted glass was used on large pantry doors that are both modern and understated. The end result of the kitchens makeover was utter sophistication.

Recently, the design industry has been witnessing a color explosion which has lead to an increase in the back painted glass trend. We have been seeing a lot of blues. Luminous glass varieties was a colorful sparkle are also popular. However, for those who aren’t quite ready to step all the way out of their box we suggest staying with neutral tones to still get the effect without total shock.

Below are some inspiring photos 🙂