Product Spotlight | NEOLITH

June 23, 2015   |   News, Product Spotlight, Showroom Scoop

NEOLITH is a trendsetting compact slab surface material that is making waves in the design industry. Homeowners, designers, builders and architects are drawn to this product because of its diversity in colors, consistency, durability, and sustainability. NEOLITH is eco-friendly material made from natural materials and advanced technologies. The production and lifecycle of neolith surfaces have extremely low impact on the environment and are entirely recyclable.

The material itself has a porosity level less than 0.08 percent. Translation… it hardly absorbs anything, making it extremely hygienic and resistant to bacteria. This is thanks to the completely automated, high-tech factory that manufactures this awesome product. The automation allows NEOLITH to maintain high standards in quality and consistency while avoiding extensive energy output.

Neolith is often compared to marble, granite, quartz and other cladding materials. It is often preferred for large construction and development projects but works phenomenally in space as small as bathroom showers. It is a unique material because it can withstand much high temperature than most competing surfaces, it is light weight, scratch resistant, waterproof (non-porous), easy to clean, environment friendly, hygienic and the most versatile cladding product out there. You can use NEOLITH just about anywhere. Some examples are flooring, backsplash, countertops, and fireplaces.

For questions about how to use NEOLITH in your next project please feel free to stop by our Design Center.