Woodways Takes Kitchen Design Outdoors in 2013

January 22, 2013   |   News, Newsletter Features, Showroom Scoop

With the start of a new year and a barbecue season on its way, the launch of our outdoor kitchen line has us impatiently anticipating warm weather! Woodways’ outdoor kitchens can withstand the Midwest’s toughest weather flucuations, and can be made to fit your taste and space with our custom designs. With sustainable quality, an unimaginable variety of design opportunities, and a range of functional elements, we guarantee you’ll be ready to grill before the snow even starts to melt.

Woodways Outdoor Kitchen White Side ImageWoodways Outdoor Kitchen Back View


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets jpgThe majority of our outdoor kitchen cabinetry is made from the wood species Teak. Within teak wood, you’ll find an abundance of natural oils and rubber locked into the grain of the wood. When teak is dried to the perfect temperature (about 10% of its original moisture), these natural oils and rubbers create a barrier protecting the wood from various weather elements and dry rotting. This naturally-produced barrier also protects against fungi, and parasites that could harm the heart of the wood, leading Teak to fall on the more costly side of all wood species. However, for the time and effort it takes to prep and apply coats of weatherproofing treatments to other less sustainable types of wood, many people will choose to make the investment in the lower maintenance, self-weatherproofing option.

What makes Woodways outdoor kitchens unique is that Woodways combines the wonderful look of teak doors with composite material cabinet boxes. By implementing this type of material into the design, it allows us to manufacture a more “green” product, a lower cost, and the option to be painted.



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Hardware and Appliances

When thinking of  weatherproof materials and achieving the longevity of your outdoor kitchen, even seemingly minute details mustn’t be overlooked. Every screw, drawer glide, hinge, appliance, pull, and knob are made with 100% stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best material to use to withstand any precipitation and weather element keeping your outdoor kitchen beautiful and functional for years to come.





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Design & Features

Whether you’re keeping up with today’s trends or looking for a timeless look, we can make your vision into a reality. Our designers can create looks with an overall design theme, like a beautifully classic look throughout the space or a contemporary look with extreme clean lines. Depending on your style, they can also take the traditional design style and implement modern elements throughout the design to keep classic looking fresh (and alternatively). We also have a variety of functional features and design details available to implement into any outdoor space. These small additions can bring your entire look together and add signature, custom elements that are sure to impress your guests.





Please visit our Houzz gallery to view all of the photos from our outdoor kitchen line. For more information on how to begin your outdoor kitchen design, please call 616-956-3070 to set up a free consultation with one of our Woodways designers.