Neutrals: Stepping Past the Stereotype

January 22, 2013   |   Design Dilemmas, News, Newsletter Features

The word neutral may be breaking up with the term boring that it has longly been associated with, and moving on to bigger and better adjectives. However, it may take some convincing when it comes to clients that think they belong together. When going through the remodeling or building process, many clients will feel pressure to stray away from a signature look that they prefer in order to not look boring themselves. This poses an intriguing question for the designer, especially if the client has expressed that they like timeless, classic looks.

This is where the designers persuasive techniques are put to the test so you can give your client what they truly want. As designers, creating a vision for your client is important, but getting both of you to see the same vision is essential. When it comes to neutrals, showing a client multiple textures, patterns, and trends may help them figure out how interesting neutrals can be, and whether traditional or modern styling suites their taste. The next step should be showing the client examples of full rooms to watch the samples you’ve pulled come together. Here, we’ve found a compilation of some modern trends, some of Woodways past work, and some images we admire – all in neutrals. These designs could help a client see that they are anything but boring by choosing a neutrals-infused, classic design.

Woodways Modern White image






















Woodways Kitchen Image


















Woodways Large Bason Sink Image














neutral kitchen with industrial elements designed by Jimmy Stanton of Stanton Home Furnishings in Atlanta_thumb[2]