Harlem Shake (Woodways): Behind the Scenes

February 20, 2013   |   Behind the Woodwork, News, Showroom Scoop, Videos

Tuesday, February 19th started out like any other day at Woodways with cabinet sales, production, and business as usual. At around 3:00pm thing started to get crazy…

Harlem Shake 1

It’s not Halloween, so what possibly could lead to this in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon? The Harlem Shake. Inspired by the popular dance video, Woodways decided to re-create it and add their own unique spin. Their sales and manufacturing worlds combined to make a woodworking version of the dance video, equipped with power tools, hard hats, and costumes made out of materials throughout the factory. Some not-so-building related costumes and props were added to really kick it up a notch.

This may seem counter-productive to some people, but to Woodways it’s an essential part of their success. If┬ásmart business ventures and skills are the brains behind the company, then happy employees behind the work are the heart. By implementing this work-hard-play-hard approach, Woodways maintains passionate and loyal employees who are happy to put their best foot forward.

The Harlem Shake is only one of the exciting things that Woodways employees participate in, and their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. The Grand Rapids Press heard about the unorthodox video shoot and has chosen to feature the company for all of the amazing things that Woodways contributes to the community and environment. The article will be published at a later date.

The Making of the Harlem Shake (Woodways)The Making of the Harlem Shake (Woodways)

The finished video comes out later this week, so be sure to keep up with our social media sites! For now, here’s a behind the scenes look from in between filming. Needless to say, it was hysterical. It might not be a normal Tuesday to every company, but to Woodways employees, it’s definitely not far-fetched.

The Making of the Woodways’ Harlem Shake from Woodways Custom on Vimeo.