Center for Kitchen Design in Grand Rapids

Exceptional Grand Rapids Kitchen DesignIf you are looking for an exceptional kitchen design in Grand Rapids or the surrounding area, Woodways should be your first stop. We offer free kitchen design consultation throughout your remodeling process. Our goal is to draw out the customer’s preferences, tastes and desires and bring that to life, whether you come to us knowing exactly what you want or with only a basic idea.

Your Vision Come to Life

At Woodways’ Center for Kitchen Design the focus is all about the customer. First we need to understand your space. Pictures, drawings, floor plans, and sketches will help us do just that. A beginning budget will also help us to identify the features that are most important and concentrate on items that will work with your budget. After we have a general idea of these items we will either prepare a hand sketch or a 3-D drawing of your kitchen. Then we schedule a meeting where we can review the drawing and pricing for your new kitchen.

Kitchen Design in Grand Rapids with Mobile Kitchen

Unique Mobile Kitchen

Picturing your kitchen and really knowing how the space will work as you cook and live can be difficult. But what if you could walk through your new kitchen design before you order? At Woodways’ Center for Kitchen Design we have a one-of-a-kind mobile kitchen that allows you to do just that. Cabinets faced with whiteboard on castors are set up according to the dimensions of your new kitchen. We then label and draw on the whiteboard facing to show where your appliances, sink and work areas will be. You can actually stand in and walk through your new kitchen design to ensure that it feels right in advance. In this walk through our mobile kitchen many customers remember to add details that they might have otherwise forgotten.

If You Can Imagine It – Woodways Can Do It!

Our Kitchen Design experts can help you explore a variety of finishes, every kind of style, and a multitude of organizational features – because all of our kitchen cabinets are custom-made there no limits to what we can do. Make yourself at home and explore our website. Learn more about the kitchen cabinets – the options available and what makes Woodways the distinct choice.  Don’t forget to visit our  kitchen gallery to see the many options and design features available. Also, be sure to check out the superior construction of our competitively priced custom cabinets.

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