Going Neutral

July 28, 2015   |   Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

Myth: Neutral colors are boring.

Truth: Neutral colors are in!

Neutral color schemes are taking over the world of design. Sure, there is always room for pops of color but to keep things clean and fresh neutral tones are best. In fact, decorating with a tone on tone pallet creates the perfect back drop for colorful elements you want to showcase. Here are a few reasons why we suggest going neutral:

It’s Classic:

When it comes to cabinetry using grays, whites, tans, natural wood hues and beige lessens the chances of you wanting to rip them out in 3 years when trends change. Neutral will ALWAYS be classic. If you think classic is not your thing we suggest opting for a bold back splash, hardware or other accessories that are easier to replace.


For Investments Sake:

When building or renovating, making decisions that you can live with is smart. When choosing neutral colors think of it as an investment for your home. You will avoid buyers remorse by opting for an interior design trend that will never go out of style. If you ever decide to sell your home, a neutral pallet is inviting to buyers. It is easier for them to imagine their furniture in a room that is gray verses one with bright orange walls.

The Opportunities!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE color as much as any designer. Color risks are fun. Hardly anything screams personality more than a kitchen or living room with spice and flare, but these choices can be limiting. With neutrals your personality isn’t watered down, its accentuated. According to freshhome there is a reason designers commonly choose neutral walls. “It allows the lines of high-quality furniture and the architecture of a room to come alive and be noticed.” (Read more: http://freshome.com/2014/10/21/why-neutral-colors-are-best/#ixzz3hCiPleLQ) Details such was wood vaulted ceilings would otherwise be lost in a bolder backdrop.

It’s Universal:

The top reason we are all for neutrals is because it doesn’t matter what your style is. The grays, whites, tans, natural wood hues, and beiges are going to look flawless in any space, every time! Not to mention, these shades will make rooms look larger. BONUS!