Design Trend: Stunning Tile

October 8, 2014   |   Design Dilemmas, News, Showroom Scoop

Tile doesn’t have to come cookie-cutter. You can make a big statement in your home by adding a design element on a larger portion of your space. Stand out with these stunning tile trends…

Faux Wood

One of the biggest trends in home decor is the rise of ceramic and porcelain tile that looks like wood. Thanks to the vastly improved technologies these tiles look more realistic than ever and are being favored by interior trendsetters everywhere.

Cement Tile

These beautiful handmade, decorative, colorful tiles used widely in Latin America and Europe as floor coverings are making their way to North American home decor. Floors or walls covered with these tiles are noted for patterns, durability and spunky sophisticated look.

Contrasting Tile

For a fool proof and dramatic effect choose black and white when contrasting tiles. Tiles can contrast walls, cabinets, appliances or other tile.

Geometric Tile

Geometric styles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is attractive to people because of its alluring flair of vibrant colors, creative patterns mixed in with unique versatility, making ceramic tile ideal for any space.