Design Trend: Luminous Lighting

July 29, 2014   |   Design Dilemmas, Design Trend, News, Showroom Scoop

So, you’ve taken the time to dream, plan, and design, and now it’s time to make your kitchen dreams a reality. Before you begin, take a trip back to the drawing board to rethink those generic-looking light fixtures you were thinking about choosing and take a look at more exciting options to illuminate your space. The experts in our Grand Rapids Design Center have compiled an excellent set of tips for choosing the perfect kitchen lights to compliment your kitchen style and set you apart from the standard. After all, what’s a custom kitchen without spectacular lighting?

1. Size Matters

Large, statement kitchens need large, statement lighting. In design, intricate lights add just the right amount of detail to a large space.
2. Layers of Light
You have a lot of options and ways to implement light into your kitchen, including semi-flush fixtures vs. recessed lighting, two light chandeliers over an island. When designing, if possible, take into account or add in large windows that allow natural light to flood into the room.
3. Antique Charm

Antique fixtures give your space an old fashioned charm. Try adding polished-nickel hardware to echo existing stainless steel appliances, as shown below.

 4. Tall Pendants

Practicality is important! For an artistic interest, add vertical pendants, or for a touch of sparkle, try adding crystal finials.

5. Brass is back – and here to stay.

If you recall from week one, brass is back, and apparently this “trend” is turning itself into a staple. So, fear not! No need to feel commitment-shy when you want to add a little glam to your kitchen.

6. Lantern Love

Lanterns are not just for outdoor usage. Bring them indoors to spruce up your kitchen and give it an intriguing element.

7. Hick Pendants

They’re unique and awesome. Need we say more?

Designer Thomas O’Brien


8. Tie in your backsplash

Whether you want to add some color or tie in a pattern, pull everything together with your lighting.

9. Drum Pendants

Drum pendants look great in multiples of 3 or 4 for a dramatic look.

10. Statement Lighting

Every kitchen needs a “wow” factor. Make that statement with your lighting!

11. Blending and Balance

Not all statements have to be a bold contrast. You can still have a beautiful, eye-catching lighting fixture, while still staying subtle and soft.