Design Trend: Unexpected Interiors

March 20, 2015   |   Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

We have a new tip to achieving more happiness and it is in your cabinets.

Cabinet interiors are often forgotten or over looked. We know the choices… plywood, melamine, metal, glass… the list goes on without an ounce of excitement. We pick one and move on. The exterior of cabinets get all the glory and attention. Today, the cabinetry under dog, interiors, is taking the win!

Unexpected cabinet interiors bring smiles to our faces and we are positive you’ll me grinning too after checking out this design trend. Designing cabinet interiors with color is a fresh, chic way to make cabinetry exciting again. It’s easy to do…just pick a color! Laminates, paints, and stains can be used to achieve the look. One of our favorite combinations are sleek, modern, white cabinet exteriors with different shades or orange inside. It’s a little happy surprise for anyone who opens the doors.

For tips on color combinations, or questions about how to make your kitchen, bathroom, or closet a little more happy stop by one of our showrooms. We can help!