Design Trend: Pocket Office

January 14, 2015   |   Design Dilemmas, News, Showroom Scoop

It is the age of mobility. Smartphones, tablets and notebooks have made the office mobile and often times independent of location, allowing free access to data anywhere, at any time. In recent years, an increasing number of people have opted for working at home, but few have the luxury of a designated space or separate room as a home office. For people like this the kitchen table or extra counter space has notoriously been transformed into the “home office”. This solution is fine for those who don’t mind peanut butter and jelly smeared spreadsheets… But for others, a tidy, organized space dedicated to one task (work) is preferred. And the kitchen table or counter simply won’t do.

As technology continues to increase and more people are starting to work from a mobile platform the demand for a sacred place to work in at home is higher than ever. For people who are tight on space the big questions are how and where. Luckily, we have the solution. With the help of a little creativity and an open mind the concept for an accessible / flexible office have been completely redefined.

One of the biggest trends in new residential design, according to the National Association of Home Builders, is the Pocket Office. This chic trend features lovely built-in spaces of any style devoted to getting stuff done! The concept is taking custom cabinetry to new places and the possibilities are endless. Simply pick a spot, blur the lines of old school conventional work spaces a little, call it an office and it’s an office. However, the fold up table in the corner of your living room doesn’t really follow this trend. For those of you who are design challenged don’t hesitate to ask the experts in our design center for some pointers.

Given the shrinking size of technology a large home office no longer makes sense for many households. That has been particularly true due to the real-estate slump, which forced families to make the most of limited space rather than trade for a larger home. It encouraged a lot of people to tap into a new mindset embracing the philosophy that bigger is not always better. Enough people started thinking this way and the new trend, known as small space living, was born.

Pocket offices generally are about half the size of a formal home office, but can span an entire length of a wall or walls depending on the space. They’re often set up in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or a great room, where family members interact, but offer the promise of focus. These pocketed offices are cool because they can fit anywhere! A few examples of places you could put a pocket office are under stairs, in window dormers, hallways or they can even be on wheels bringing mobility to a whole new level.