Design Trend: Mixing Metals

February 20, 2015   |   Design Trend, News, Showroom Scoop

Metallic metals are dynamic. They shimmer, they shine, they make any room look special. But can gold, silver, and bronzed metals be used in the same space? We say YES, and here’s why:

For the years we have been limited to picking one shiny finish. Gold and silver in the same room?!… No, it was out of the question and rooms were left lacking luster. Luckily a brave sole broke from the mold and introduced a happy mix of metallics. We rejoiced by following suit designing kitchens and bathrooms rich in details like texture and finishes. By incorporating more than one metal into rooms we have been able to create a luxe feeling not easily achieved any other way. The realization has left us wondering why it was ever a rule in the fist place. After all, we have been doing it for years with our jewelry and the combo is gorgeous. Looking back it seems like a no brainer for home decor.

It’s time to embrace your inner mixologist and let loose of old school design rules. Here are few ideas to get you started:


If you’re not sold on the idea, take baby steps. A good way to start the mix is by pairing silver drawer pulls with antiqued bronze hardware. This simple step has an instant impact making cabinetry or furniture look elegant and eclectic. Or if you have already fallen head over heels, go bold and incorporate a chic bronzed metallic light fixture, with a shiny chrome faucet and contrasting metal hardware in your kitchen. A more drastic approach that will certainly take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level try using a metal finish on custom cabinetry. The look is breath taking. The ultimate show stopper!

 Happy mixing!