Design Trend: Lower Wall Ovens

February 6, 2015   |   Design Dilemmas, Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

Kitchen appliances are both a blessing and a curse. Thanks to huge advancements in technology for ovens, ranges and cooktops we aren’t huddling over fires trying to cook dinner. The downside of appliances is that they get tired of cooking and stop working after so many meals… In one aspect this can be very frustrating. No one likes a quitter and we can bet no one wants to revert to cooking over a fire; roughing it in the wilderness.

But then again, a breakdown in appliances can open the doors for some major updates for your kitchen. To get started with a kitchen renovation you are going to want to consider its layout. Will you keep appliances where they are, or mix it up? Next you’ll consider cabinetry (style, material, color, the works). Then comes appliance selection, or more precisely oven selection because you are probably starving at this point.

When it comes to choosing an oven, you have two options: either a full range or a wall oven. The beauty of a full remodel is the freedom and versatility you have in your decision. A reoccurring trend we have been seeing in remodels and appliance selection is the combination of a wall oven beneath a cook top. This look mimics that of a typical range while saving space and delivering cleaner lines. The combo is awesome for contemporary kitchens where less lines and distractions are valued, but also work well for kitchens leaning toward the traditional side. Incorporating a wall oven topped with a cook top is a great way to make a kitchen scream state of the art and get dinner on the table.