Design Trend : Industrial Interiors

January 29, 2015   |   Design Trend, News, Showroom Scoop

A few years back we started to see a new shift in housing as abandoned factories came to life once again. Although many of the buildings had greatly deteriorated, private and public investors all over West Michigan saw great potential for adaptive reuse. Such developments were built to meet the growing need for affordable rental housing for people living close to cities. Industrial buildings were converted into a mix of offices, retail space, lofts, condos and apartments. The spaces were unique and attracted tons of people to live in new, repurposed urban homes. As this kind of refurbished housing began to catch on towns outside of busy cities followed suit and began remodeling old buildings to make use of them once again.

Industrial living became super trendy and holds strong today as buildings in the Greater Grand Rapids area continue to be repurposed. Since then, the industrial look has trickled down from structures that first embraced the trend and into homes everywhere. You can incorporate this relaxed edgy look by adding raw, unfinished materials to any room in your home. Industrial interior design showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects as well as wood and metal surfaces. This look isn’t just for “unfinished” spaces. It combines a true industrial vibe with a range of other styles both rough and polished. . The best part of this trend is that it can work with whatever your particular style is by adding a lot or a little. Some of our favorite uses of the industrial interior design trend highlight large structural elements setting the tone for the room, while others are subtler. Many design enthusiasts as following suit by displaying building materials that many try to conceal, such as brick walls, plumbing and wood beams. To achieve this look in your own home get inspired by some of the looks our design experts have pulled!