Design Trend: Hidden Appliances

February 12, 2015   |   Design Dilemmas, Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

Hidden or “integrated” appliances are becoming a hallmark of the luxury kitchen according to Mick De Giulio, the author of Kitchen Centric. For years, appliances have been considered a kitchens crown jewels. Refrigerators and ranges were often set front and center while toasters, coffee makers, and mixers were scattered over countertops as decorating accents. Today, more and more people are choosing to hide kitchen bling behind unexpected cabinets. Doing this creates an uncluttered, streamline environment. This look is particularly popular with people who entertain at home a lot because it opens up the space making the kitchen the ultimate hub for multitasking cooking and conversing.

The most common way of disguising appliances is by concealing dishwashers and refrigerators behind panels that match cabinetry. Another option is to build a “breakfast garage” or hidden coffee station with retractable doors. This trend is a good solution for keeping smaller appliances off valuable counter space. Many hidden stations and garages include rollout drawers for easier access or rollout cutting boards/surfaces to keep prep to one specific area.