Design Trend: Floor to Ceiling Tile

November 12, 2014   |   News

Lately, our designers have been paying careful attention to European styles. We have seen an increased interest in universal designs that marry form and function. One of the most recent trends is floor to ceiling tiled walls.

A tiled wall is a great way to create easy clean up for messy cooks in the kitchen or a cool way to add interest to any space.

Wall tiling used to mean creating a partially tiled wall with a snub-nosed edge. This is one of the easiest ways to visually shrink a room. Anytime a design chops up a wall, it instantly looks shorter.

Our designers have found that almost everyone wants to create the illusion of a bigger space. Using tile throughout an entire wall not only creates cohesiveness within a room, but can also make even the smallest spaces look larger.

We love using tile from floor to ceiling in bathrooms. Especially in showers to give an at home spa feel. This trend also works wonders in large kitchens . A fully tiled wall creates a cool focal point that is often hard to achieve in a multi purpose, ultra functional space. If your kitchen is small and dark, try adding a reflective tile. This kind of surface will expand your space and add some much needed depth and detail.

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