2015 Design Trend Prediction: Floating Shelves

December 5, 2014   |   News

To welcome in the new year of 2015 we have complied a series of trends that we foresee being popular in the residential and commercial cabinetry industry. The first trend we would like to share are Floating Shelves!

Open shelving in the kitchen has been a staple in rustic European farmhouses for centuries. However, in the past two years the look has become popular for kitchens of all styles. To achieve this look shelves can be free standing supported by an internal bracket, or supported by external brackets. Either style will give the same open, personalized feel.


In general we have seen kitchen designs becoming more streamlined. People are getting away from ornate moldings and rich colors. Instead, the use of clean lines and simpler finishes are growing more popular. The floating shelf  alone is a simple attractive architectural element, but its design can be heightened with the use of color and lighting depending on the preference of the client.

Defining the look depends on the choice of materials and the items displayed on the shelves. For example, in a more modern interior, minimalism and uniformity are key. Stainless steel shelves are great in a contemporary kitchen, while reclaimed planks work for a rustic kitchen. Or try painted white shelves in a cottage style kitchen. Adding built-in to shelves can add depth and showcase decorative items. They can also bring a sense of casualness to a kitchen making it less formal by displaying a collection or special piece.