Design Trend: A Fabulous Functional Laundry Room

June 24, 2015   |   Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

From home to home we are noticing a trend in todays laundry rooms. They aren’t just a place to wash dirty clothes… They are fabulous and functional. Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling an existing laundry room we have gathered a few of our favorite trends to help with your planning.

To start, the top trend for todays laundry rooms incorporate a great layout. *Genus. Why anyone ever designed a laundry room with a poor layout beats us, but trust us… we’ve seen it. A well thought out laundry room will not only have efficient spaces for tasks and storage needs, but will also be attractive and inviting. Not many people enjoy doing laundry, so might as well make the environment you do it in lovely.

If you have the space we suggest a table or island in the middle of the room to serve as a spot for folding laundry, or working on projects like crafts. Consider shelving in spaces that might otherwise be wasted to increase storage. To keep things tidy, everything from ironing boards, hampers, and drying wracks should have a designated home. Specific built-ins can be designed to camouflage such items. One of our all time favorites are routed out hamper drawers beneath a washer and dryer.

Another popular trend is to install laundry centers in walk-in closet that is part of the master suite. Some families may also choose to have laundry rooms close to all the bedrooms, often times on the second floor in the hallway concealed by sliding doors. These options are super convenient for putting away clean clothes!

Check out these images and get inspired to make your laundry room one of the coolest spots in your home!