Design Trend: Corner Cabinet Solutions

November 19, 2014   |   Design Dilemmas, News

Corner cabinets are notorious for storing kitchen items…FOREVER! With deep dark recesses, the corner cabinet is the Bermuda Triangle of any kitchen. Fortunately, our clever designers and kitchen cabinet manufacturers are finding ways to make this common design dilemma an easy, good looking accessible storage space.

We have found not everyone wants a lazy Susan or blind corner. As kitchens are becoming more innovative the demand for functional design is rising. Designers and builders are getting more and more creative with how they set up or remodel kitchens. This creativity is the master mind behind the new corner cabinet trend. Some different solutions for corner cabinets areĀ corner drawers, an appliance garage, or replacingĀ it with a custom built in pantry. Using any of these innovative set ups will add a unique functionality to any home.

Here are some great examples form our Pinterest board.