Design Trend: Cantilever Dining

February 28, 2015   |   Design Trend, Showroom Scoop

It’s no secret that islands have a common staple in kitchens. Typically, kitchen transformations are appliance driven with their design evolving more around necessity and what makes sense rather than what is in fashion. As an eco-friendly company we view that as an important part of sustainable design. A kitchen designed around function is not going to be replaced in 5 years because it no longer is in vogue…A functional kitchen’s style is still going to be valuable in years to come. A major trend that we have seen taking form for many years now are kitchen islands of all shapes and sizes. Islands are a great feature because they often offer quick casual seating for people who are always on the go, as well as additional storage. As the trend continues to be a major staple in designing kitchens and of regular use to homeowners, its style continues to evolve.

It’s most recent evolution involves taking the place of formal dining tables all together. People’s schedules haven’t gotten less busy and family meals in the dinning room can almost feel outdated. It makes sense that when remodeling or building a new home people are choosing to bridge the gap between formality and function more closely than before. One of our favorite looks are cantilevered islands tailored for dinning.

Cantilever dinning in the kitchen is more dramatic in appearance. It is a fresh take on the islands we have grown to love. Most often they are showcased in modern and contemporary kitchens but the trend is not limited to those styles. There are many ways to incorporate the cantilever look. The major reason that we like this trend is because even though it is a play on informal dining it adds a sense of formality at the same time. Confused? Hear us out for a minute…

The purpose of a cantilever on an island is to create a space for DINING in the kitchen. It gives a more formal sense to a spot that has gotten the reputation as a place where it is okay to rest your elbows on while you snack. Cantilever dining is cool, functional and a trend we think is here to stay!