Design & Decor: Public Privacy

March 4, 2013   |   Design Dilemmas, News, Newsletter Features

Within the commercial world, you’ll typically find clean, sharp designs with interesting elements. They may look amazing, but they might not fulfill practical needs. Many waiting rooms, lounges, airports, and public gathering areas lack personal privacy for work or relaxation. With the amount of travel and 24-hour news cycles we have today, it’s imperative to productivity that people are provided with areas they feel that they can work or relax.

British manufacturer, Boss Design, solves both dilemmas by creating a chair that is innovative in design and offers practical solutions to privacy and relaxation called Cega. Cega’s tall, curved design minimizes distractions by reducing peripheral vision and blocking out external noise. Boss created the chair to produce a tunnel of light through the top of the structure and it has a 360 degree rotation (as well as a static design option) for increased privacy.

Cega by Boss Designs

For group settings, high back seating is a great way to create a private and more intimate area in public. Woodways’ designed this private seating area using stained-maple with an espresso finish, and stainless steel legs. Felt material within the interior absorbs external sounds, and its tall back encloses guests for a more personal feel.

Woodways Public Privacy Design

Communication Station – Woodways design offers a private space to have conversations when in a large lobby setting or public meeting space.

We anticipate seeing these type of amenities and luxuries becoming more popular as our continuous work and life styles evolve. Privacy, functionality, and comfort will come together in the future to make all of our lives more comfortable away from home.

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