Colored Cabinetry Done Right

April 24, 2013   |   News, Newsletter Features

Vibrant colors aren’t only for our eccentric clientele. There are many ways to implement color into your home without having it resemble a 1st grade art project – not that those aren’t beautiful.

Colors can be intimidating, which is why we recommend starting small with a vanity, laundry room, or bookcase. That way, you can gauge your color acceptance without such a large commitment. Another way is to add color to your kitchen island cabinetry. It’s a small enough portion of your kitchen to not go over board, but big enough to showcase creativity.

One of many beautiful things about custom cabinetry is that we have the ability to make custom paint colors. Woodways works with Sherwin Williams to find that perfect hue you’re looking for – subtle or otherwise. With the exception of the vibrant kid’s cabinetry examples, here are a few Woodways’ designs to show off your creative side without going overboard.

Contemporary Styles



Classic Styles


Children’s Styles