Benjamin Residence Transformation

April 8, 2015   |   Design Dilemmas, News

Remodeling a kitchen in an old East Grand Rapids, MI home can be a challenge. Although many homes are spacious, their original kitchens are not. When most of these older homes were built, entertaining while preparing food was not the norm. Kitchens were tucked in the back and kept secret from guests visiting in “public” living spaces. Tiny traditional kitchens hardly had room for more than one chef, not to mention more than one chef. Today, cooking is an experience shared by multiple people at once. Thanks to the new “foodie” movement made popular by self made blogger chefs and social media sites like Pinterest the demand for kitchens that utilize every inch accommodating for large appliances, smart storage solutions, and all around more room has skyrocketed!

Recently we completed a pretty cool kitchen remodel. (Make sure to check out the before and after photos for full effect). It is the perfect example of how to transform a tired and cramped kitchen into a space you actually want to cook in. The original layout left enough room for small range and some counter space. A dark hallway, or what we like to call WASTED SPACE, connected the kitchen to extended living space. With the help of a contractor we removed the wasted space. Opening up the kitchen creating more natural light and a better flow. The once pointless hallway became an excellent space for tall upper cabinetry and appliance storage.

European contemporary styling paired with warm undertones from the granite countertops and unique backsplash update the space without taking away from the home’s original aesthetic. The kitchen features tall cerused white oak custom cabinetry. Our goal during this remodel was to increase useable space while embracing the homeowners timeless, minimalistic and quirky personality. Notice how she displays beautiful art pieces collected over the years at the top of upper cabinetry. The turquoise painted interiors are a fun and unexpected touch!